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Physiotherapy and Women’s Health: Mycarekart

Every physiotherapy program and products are different and are customized to the patient’s needs. Women have unique physical and physiological attributes that physiotherapists take into consideration. However, physiotherapy applies to both men and women in equal aspects, but differences in our bodies change the health problems faced by men and women. The problems are often categorized based on their life stages. These stages are Teenage, Childbearing age and menopause or old age.

For teenage girls: This is the age of development of women body in a physically well as mentally. The roller castle ride of developing hormones affects the mood swing for which many teenagers can’t cope with that. Physiotherapy helps in mood enhancement and mantle health during this developing phase. It also helps in the proper development of our bone health, muscle mass, body strength, and flexibility joint mobility and energy levels.

For childbearing age: Infertility is the most common problem women s facing these days.  Although, it affects men and women at an equal rate. In terms of women’s health, physiotherapy has been shown to be beneficial in increasing fertility rates. Also, during and after pregnancy, a vast physical change a woman goes through. Back pain, loss of bladder control, fatigue and sickness are just a few of the problems that pregnant women have to put up with. Physical therapy helps women to keep their energy levels up and make sure that they stay strong throughout their pregnancies and after pregnancy to get back to their normal lives again.

After menopause or in old age: This is the age, where a woman is least active. In this age, women go to drastic physical changes in their bodies. Including their physical health, mental and emotional health challenges are there. Ignoring these issues can cause long term effects on them. Weight change, bladder control problems, and weakening bones & muscles are all common problems that affect women during menopause, and they are all problems that can be alleviated with the use of proper physiotherapy. Along with physical exercise, a good nutritional diet also helps to prevent a huge amount of problems in the future.

Studies show that Physiotherapy products such as body belts and brace, pregnancy belt, knee sleeves, neck braces, etc are used by women shows faster and effective healing.

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