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Getting back to shape after delivering a baby: Mycarekart

Being a woman is truly a blessing. Blessing in many ways; Source of Origin, Outstanding Toughness, Multi-Tasking with Managing Skill, Excellence in motherliness, Emotional Intelligence, Skilled At Communicating and Executing any many more. Here in this section, we will talk about getting back in the shape after delivering a baby. As we all know carrying a baby nine months prenatal and many months post-natal makes you lift an average of 5-6kg more than your body weight. During pregnancy, the body goes to tremendous biological and chemical changes, which leads to increases in body weight and belly fat.

According to the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists, women need almost four weeks in case of normal delivery and six weeks in C-section to recovery. This recovery period is essential to ensure that the uterus has retracted back into the pelvis, bleeding and discharge have ceased, and the stitches have healed. Afterward, women can safely start an exercise. However, It may also take some time after birth to feel ready to exercise again as you will feel the need to rest and be with your newborn.

Habits to get back in shape:

•    Healthy eating is a key to get back in shape. Healthy eating habits combined with gentle starching, will help you to get in shape faster.

•    Exercise can help to burn calories and hence toned belly. If you exercised right up until the end of your pregnancy, you can do some light exercise and stretch from the start.

•    Drinking a lot of water; yes you heard it right. Drinking water increases the body metabolism and hence helpful in getting back to shape.

•    Take plenty of rest, as baby’s need can impose strange sleep cycles on adults and this can upset the metabolism and this makes it hard to lose pregnancy weight. So, avoid any long-term sleep deficits. It will keep your energy levels high and sugar cravings for energy in check.

•    If you don’t get enough sleep, you won’t have the energy to keep yourself moving through your waking hours, much less want to work out or get your exercise.

•    Getting your body back means thinking about your health first – your body is trying to repair itself, hence allow Your Body to Recuperate.  One should not rush into things, but also don’t be too relaxed either. 

Your body takes enough time to recuperate and restore its normal processes. However, every pregnancy is an individual experience and you as a post-natal mum will have specific requirements. Training, therefore, cannot be generic. Every mom needs to be tailored to each new changes need to be in check to ensure the safety of her baby and her at all times.

MYCAREKART offers various products which help newly mum during and after pregnancy to heel fast and also help in improving their body posture. We offer Pregnancy back support belt which maintains the lumbo sacral region in the neutral position to allay Pregnancy low back pain syndrome.

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