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Cervical pain Information

Before knowing about cervical pain we should know what exactly cervical is! Cervical is a Latin world which means the Neck. Sometime people confuse it with cervix. Cervical is an adjective which has two meanings one is related to neck and other is related to female reproductive system.  Cervical pain is globally affecting people at very high ratio 1 out of 10 persons suffer from cervical pain. Cervical pain can be due to occupational behavior or old trauma, but occupational behavior accounts more than the trauma.

So, what exactly  happen in cervical pain? Human body has a set of various vertebrae which combined to form our rib cage or spinal cord. It develops from wear and tear of cartilage and bones of spinal cord, due to of this people experience problem in movement of upper vertebra I.e. C1-C7.


This condition is globally affecting people and is common among the population.  However, outcome of severe cases are unpredictable.  Few studies showed that at least 10% of people with cervical pain develop severe pain if the condition if not treated.

Causes of neck or cervical pain:

Various causes count for cervical pain which includes:

  • Slipping in wrong position
  • Using a computer with wrong sitting posture for extended period of time
  • Being physically inactive
  • Old trauma or injury
  • Anxiety or depression
  • Age factor
  • In some cases genetic factor and smoking also accounts for cervical pain.


Most common symptom of cervical pain or spondylosis is stiff neck, pain in neck and upper limbs which may improve with rest. Other symptoms include headache,  swollen neck, tingling and numbness of neck, fever, Grinding or popping noise when moving the neck or sometime unable to move your neck.


Treatment option:

However cervical pain can never be cured but intervention is given to prevent the permanent damage. In severe cases surgery is the option. But in various studies it has been found that the non- surgical treatments are usually more effective. A number of treatment options are used for cervical pain such as:

  • Medication: Such as nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs),narcotics , muscle relaxant and anti epileptic drug but these provides the short term relief and have side effects too.
  • Surgery: is only used when person is not responding with other treatment options.
  • Physical therapy: is most effective treatment used for cervical pain. Specific exercises and muscle stretching is used to strengthen neck or spine muscles which helps to relieve pain.
  • Other option:

             Cervical pillow or neck braces: Along with regular exercise and posture improvements, patient should also use cervical specific health and orthopedic products i.e. Cervical Pillow and Neck Braces which are available at https://mycarekart.com . It gives more relax and helps to improve the condition.

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