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Benefits of a Cervical Collar

Due to the fast-paced work environment, neck pain or cervical pain is one of the most prevalent health problems in the world. However, our medical science has provided so many treatment options for this, but using the right product can helps for fast healing. A cervical collar is also known as a neck brace is orthopedic equipment used to support the neck and spinal cord and helps to relieve the neck pain. The cervical caller also hinders the excess movement of the neck and stabilizes the top seven vertebrae, C1 through C7, which causes fast healing.

Based on the function Cervical collar is of two types:

•    Hard cervical collar

•    Soft cervical collar

  • Hard cervical collar: This type of cervical collar is suggested to the type of patient with severe neck and spine injury. It limits forward and backward movement more than a soft one does.  It provides support to the weight of your head while the soft tissues in your neck have a chance to heal. This is also used in the patient with neck surgery and tracheotomy.
  • Soft cervical collar: On the other hand soft cervical collar’s main goal is to prevent or minimize motion in the cervical spine. It also keeps the head in a comfortable gravity aligned position, maintaining normal cervical lordosis. A soft cervical collar is also used for strains, sprains or whiplash. The soft cervical collar helps in good ventilation of the area. Swollen balloon shape makes it an ideal collar for treating burn patients.

A cervical collar is a temporary device to help your neck heal and relieve neck pain. While wearing this it’s very important to wear it properly to get the maximum benefit. Also, a good neck brace should help to decrease motion but should not cause discomfort, So before wearing Cervical collar, let your doctor know if your neck brace is comfortable or not.

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